Month: April 2014

Creative Justice

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Literature & Social Justice

As my first year of graduate school comes to a close, I stare at the collection of texts I’ve accumulated over the year, astounded by how much I’ve been able to read and experience in a mere eight months. As I look at each book, I can’t help but think about the endless connections I’ve begun to draw between the words on these pages and the ethical and social justice connections that these narratives provide. Coming from […]

Contingent Labor: Thoughts from our Colleagues, Part I

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Yesterday’s Contingent Labor Panel, part of Jenna Lay’s Job Market panel series, featured four of our Lehigh colleagues, either current students or recent graduates. Colleen Martell, Rebecca Martin, Nicole Batchelor and George Mote have a variety of experiences in the adjuncting world, and they each offered advice for getting adjuncting jobs, advice for planning an exit strategy, a picture of the realities of the contingent labor market, and most surprisingly, the benefits and even pleasures to […]