Month: September 2014

From “Should I?” to “Submit”: a step-by-step guide to the Ph.D. application process

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And here we go again, applicants! Graduate school application season is upon us! In the flood of personal statements, GRE scores, writing samples, and recommendations, applying to Ph.D. English programs may seem like an insurmountable task. But fear not! Thanks to the efforts of Jenna Lay, Assistant Professor of English here at Lehigh, we’ve compiled a list of things to keep in mind as you begin to send applications out.

Some Like Poetry: A Lehigh University student film about Wisława Szymborska

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Lehigh Culture & Community

Screening information: Date: Wednesday, October 1 at 4:00 PM Location: Drown 210 Running Time: 20 minutes (additionally, there will be a Q & A) Wisława Szymborska (1923 – 2012) is a Polish poet and recipient of the 1996 Nobel Prize in Literature. After receiving a grant from Lehigh’s Mountaintop Experience to make a film about Szymborska, Professor Elizabeth Fifer chose three undergrads, Sava Marinković, Karen Huang, and Peter Schadler, and one graduate student, Avi Setton […]

Teacher Development: Learning about learning and helping others learn

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Teaching

Alicia: Like many teaching fellows in the English department, my primary background is in English. I have taken classes and done work outside of English departments but I’m sure that over time I’ve slowly adopted some English-specific habits or ways of looking at the world. You may notice that your students, who often hail from disciplines other than English, have slightly different ways of looking at the world. This is splendid, but challenging. I turned […]