Month: October 2014

Posthumanism Matters for the Humanities

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October is National Arts and Humanities Month: a time to experience, celebrate, and promote the important roles that the arts and humanities play in our lives. The perfect time, in fact, to talk about . . . posthumanism? Of course! Posthumanist inquiry, and its closely-related scholarly cousin animal studies, posit that humanism has long sustained at best an ignorance of and at worst a deliberate violence against non-human others, and they seek to reorient this […]

Tips on Surviving Coursework

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Co-written by Sarita Mizin and Dashielle Horn Coursework is the cornerstone of beginning graduate studies. It is usually the first thing we commit to when deciding to pursue anM.A. or Ph.D.. To continue the conversation already started by Jimmy on our blog ( ), we would like to offer some tips for handling the rigors of the graduate classroom.