Hello Drown and Beyond! (Updates From Your New Co-Editors)

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Lehigh Culture & Community

By Emily Shreve and Laura Fitzpatrick


Hello faithful readers! Drown Unbound has two new editors for the 2015-2016 academic year; we are Laura Fitzpatrick and Emily Shreve, a first-year master’s student and a final-year doctoral candidate, respectively. We are excited to bring our own unique approach to the blog while maintaining the type of content that has been such a success in the past. We’ll have a couple of new posts in the next few weeks, but be sure to visit late-January, when we will begin a new, regular posting schedule.

In the meantime, we want to take a moment, in honor of the season, to thank the wonderful former editors, Laura Kremmel and Dashielle Horn, who moved the blog from an idea to a reality, as well as all of the contributors who have authored engaging and informative posts.

While you wait for our new content, why not (re-)read and comment on some of our greatest hits? These posts represent the wide range of our content: reflections on social justice issues, recaps of department panels, and advice for negotiating academia.

“We Call the Names: #Blacklivesmatter”

“Academic Publishing Panel”

“Doctoral Exams Panic? Advice for Studying”

“A Few Humble Observations on Conference Abstracts: Part 1”

“USM’s Cuts: An LSJ Perspective”

Happy reading & we hope to see you back here soon!

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