Month: February 2016

Relationships, Love, and Struggle: New Play Of Mothers and Men Highlights Black Latina Experience

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Literature & Social Justice

On Thursday, February 25, NYC based performance company The Black Latina Movement will perform an original work of theatre, Of Mothers and Men, at Lehigh University (event details below). Through focusing on the diverse voices and stories of individual women of color, the play both highlights and raises questions about the roles and experiences of the women in our lives and communities. Of Mothers and Men represents an opportunity to engage in these questions as a university community.

Horror Endings: Tales from the Gothic Reading Group

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Lehigh Culture & Community

This year, the Gothic Reading Group celebrated its fifth year with a host of psychological, spectral tales. The theme of the year (unintentionally) seems to have been ancient magics and twist endings. We continued our tradition of meeting Friday afternoons in Packer House, passing out the skull goblets, and pouring out wine, literary commentary, fears, and phobias. With our first text, we jumped into a jumble of partial documents and firsthand accounts in D.A. Stern’s […]

Graduate School Take Out: A First Semester Reflection

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You did it. Turned in your last paper, finished your last reading, put down your pen, and turned off your caffeine machine. Your first graduate semester is over. You’re tired, or rather chronically exhausted, and all you want to do is lay on the floor and veg out to Netflix for an ungodly amount of hours. Cue Jessica Jones.   But what do you do with all the crazy mumbo jumbo of the past 4 months? After […]