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What We Need to Hear

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I started practicing mindfulness and meditation exercises when I was 11 years old, though at the time I didn’t know that was what these activities were called. I was part of a group of kids in middle school that met with a counselor every few weeks to discuss our concerns about the school at large and occasionally, learn stress-reducing techniques like counting the breath and contracting/relaxing the muscles. People are impressed when I tell them […]

Gothic Reading Group: A Haunting

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Lehigh Culture & Community

Gothic Reading Group was probably the first social activity I engaged in as a 1st-year graduate student, and as such it played a really important function in making me feel like part of a community. Coming together with a small group of veteran grad students who loved spooky, weird stories like me was a highlight of my first year. So it may seem odd to report that I felt rather anxious about reviving this group […]

Rally Recap: It’s not a Moment, It’s the Movement

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Literature & Social Justice

Last Tuesday (January 31st) I had the privilege of attending a rally with my friends, colleagues, and students at Lehigh University. The purpose of the rally was to protest President Trump’s recent executive order banning immigration from specific nations and from my perspective, more importantly, to stand in solidarity with all immigrants in our community. I had never attended a political rally before; my anxiety disorder makes it difficult for me to be in large […]