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Writing a Great Conference Abstract

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Conferences are, to my mind, one of the best perks of being in academia. In a department/university like ours, which is able to partially or fully fund travel, conferences turn into a treat. As I like to call them, academic vacay! You get to go to a cool place you’ve likely never been and meet interesting people (grad students and faculty!) from all over. So, how do we get to this magical land?

A Few Humble Observations on Conference Abstracts: Part 1

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  A few things to think about before you submit your abstract – 1. Many of you will undoubtedly already know this, but the absolute best place to find conference CFPs in English (and for some of our Humanities fellow travelers) is at the University of Pennsylvania Call for Papers website. You should make it part of your general habits to check the site no less than once a month. It’s theoretically organized by specialty […]