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Meet and Greet: Brian Reese

As the fall semester comes to a close we want to take a moment to introduce you to masters student Brian Reese. Mareesa Miles: Hello Brian! Tell us about yourself! Brian Reese: I am a first-year MA student and a … Continue reading

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Learning to Read

Directing a play is applied criticism (which is to say applied reading); the ballistics to the pure physics of literary theory. I feel qualified to say this (and what is qualification other than a feeling turned into a LinkedIn profile) … Continue reading

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Review of Evernote

I am writing this post from Evernote, a note-taking app/software and organizational system. I had tried out Evernote a few years ago, when I got my iPad, but didn’t really see the practical utility; I was using it as a … Continue reading

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Tips on Surviving Coursework

Co-written by Sarita Mizin and Dashielle Horn Coursework is the cornerstone of beginning graduate studies. It is usually the first thing we commit to when deciding to pursue anM.A. or Ph.D.. To continue the conversation already started by Jimmy on … Continue reading

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Doctoral Exams Panic? Advice for Studying

If you are anything like me, you process your anxiety by obsessing; when it comes to taking doctoral exams, this may mean obsessively googling and asking profs or fellow grad students for advice. If this is you, look no further! … Continue reading

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