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Tips to Manage that End of Semester Workload

We’ve hit that point in the semester when it’s time to roll up your sleeves and put the pedal to the metal. Classes become hectic as you’re responsible for keeping up with reading loads and researching and producing papers simultaneously. … Continue reading

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Learning to Read

Directing a play is applied criticism (which is to say applied reading); the ballistics to the pure physics of literary theory. I feel qualified to say this (and what is qualification other than a feeling turned into a LinkedIn profile) … Continue reading

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Graduate School Take Out: A First Semester Reflection

You did it. Turned in your last paper, finished your last reading, put down your pen, and turned off your caffeine machine. Your first graduate semester is over. You’re tired, or rather chronically exhausted, and all you want to do … Continue reading

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Surviving Seminar Paper Season

This post is not about how to write a good seminar paper. That’s fodder for more than a single blog post. This is about how to maintain your sanity while writing. Plan Ahead I guess this ship has possibly sailed … Continue reading

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Tips on Surviving Coursework

Co-written by Sarita Mizin and Dashielle Horn Coursework is the cornerstone of beginning graduate studies. It is usually the first thing we commit to when deciding to pursue anM.A. or Ph.D.. To continue the conversation already started by Jimmy on … Continue reading

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Which Classes Should I Take? Tips for Graduate Coursework Registration

Alas, another season of course descriptions, curriculum requirements and CRNs are upon us! Although the old undergrad worries of course caps and bad registration times may be a nightmare of the past… …deciding which schedule to pick can still be a daunting … Continue reading

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