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What’s Happening?: March 2017

They say March is the busiest month. Do they? Maybe. Around here it is, apparently. Talks and recruitment day and a conference, oh my! We’ve got something for everyone, so see what part of that something is for you in … Continue reading

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The ‘Other’ Graduate School Mess: Tackling Mental Health in Graduate School

As the department reassesses the many potential functions and values of graduate work, faculty and graduate students have gathered to discuss the exciting possibilities of newly-envisioned graduate study. We have realized that, as the job market evolves, we must evolve … Continue reading

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5 Things To Do Over Winter Break

Seminar papers are completed, grades are in, and it’s time to relax after a hectic fall semester. Once you’ve slept, visited family and friends, binge-watched Netflix, slept, read everything on the internet, and slept some more, here are some tips for … Continue reading

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A Few Humble Observations on Conference Abstracts: Part 1

  A few things to think about before you submit your abstract – 1. Many of you will undoubtedly already know this, but the absolute best place to find conference CFPs in English (and for some of our Humanities fellow … Continue reading

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Job Placement Talk: “Building an Alt-Ac or Non-Academic Job Search,” with Lynn D’Angelo Bello

Lynn’s talk offered a number of helpful tools for those of us who cannot even fathom how to start a job search outside of the traditional academic, tenure track route. Her first piece of advice was to identify your skills; … Continue reading

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