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What’s Happening?: March 2017

They say March is the busiest month. Do they? Maybe. Around here it is, apparently. Talks and recruitment day and a conference, oh my! We’ve got something for everyone, so see what part of that something is for you in … Continue reading

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5 Things To Do Over Winter Break

Seminar papers are completed, grades are in, and it’s time to relax after a hectic fall semester. Once you’ve slept, visited family and friends, binge-watched Netflix, slept, read everything on the internet, and slept some more, here are some tips for … Continue reading

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Job Placement Talk: “Building an Alt-Ac or Non-Academic Job Search,” with Lynn D’Angelo Bello

Lynn’s talk offered a number of helpful tools for those of us who cannot even fathom how to start a job search outside of the traditional academic, tenure track route. Her first piece of advice was to identify your skills; … Continue reading

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