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Dr. Kirkland’s Truth: A Reflection on the Keynote Address for the 2018 Literature and Social Justice Graduate Conference

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Literature & Social Justice / Teaching

Written by Joanna Grim In his Keynote address for the fourth annual Literature and Social Justice Graduate Conference, titled “The Truth That I Owe You: Understanding the Social Contexts of Race and Gender in Literacy Education,” Dr. David E. Kirkland, Associate Professor of English and Urban Education at New York University, shared about his youth in order to illustrate one of his main points, that the literary and literatures are about people. This truth should […]

Title IX

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Politics / Teaching

Recently, along with several members of my teaching cohort, I attended university-mandated Title IX training. Title IX, the federal law that protects students from discrimination on the basis of sex in educational programs that receive federal funds, prohibits sexual harassment and sexual violence. Our training outlined university compliance with Title IX, but it also introduced us to our new role as Mandatory Reporters. As Mandatory Reporters, we are required to report to the university if […]

Drown Recap: Multimodal Workshop

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Advice / Teaching

On January 19th a crowd of instructors gathered for an informative workshop led by assistant professor Dr. Brooke Rollins and featuring presentations by Dr. Amardeep Singh and Dr. Nicole Batchelor. For those unable to attend the event, we here at Drown Unbound have got you covered. While the idea of teaching a multimodal assignment may have seemed daunting at first, a few tips from the workshop presenters put everyone at ease. The easiest way to […]

Drown Recap: Teaching Argument Workshop

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The time has come. Classes have ended, seminar paper deadlines are past or quickly approaching and soon free-time will be discovered again. Since the submission of proposals we have waited, pushing ideas to the back of our minds, fighting the temptation to plan for English 002. Excitement aside, the last workshop for the New English 002 had some great takeaways. For those who missed it, Drown Unbound was there to capture the events.

Lehigh Spaces: The Women’s Center

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To continue the wonderful conversation about Lehigh Spaces, including Laura Fitzpatrick’s exploration of Linderman and Laura Casale’s reflection on Farrington Square, I wanted to add some thoughts about one of my new favorite places (and incidentally, my current work space), the Women’s Center. Established 25 years ago, the Women’s Center has changed locations a few times in the past quarter of a century, eventually settling on the second floor of the University Center, in UC […]

Film Club Review: Young Frankenstein

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Lehigh Culture & Community

If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to, why don’t you go where comedy sits? Puttin’ on Young Frankenstein is a guaranteed cure to your mid-semester despair. Combining the immense talents of Mel Brooks, Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn, Marty Feldman, Teri Garr, Cloris Leachman, and Peter Boyle, the film really aims at the laugh-a-minute target and it hits most of the time. Gene Wilder’s over-the-top brilliance is on full display throughout as […]

Film Club Review: Modern Times

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Lehigh Culture & Community / Teaching

Roger Ebert said that movies are empathy machines. It is difficult and some would say impossible to see through a character’s eyes and not begin to develop empathy with them. Movies can bypass the language barrier that writing necessarily can’t, and no body of work proves that better than Charlie Chaplin’s. As writer, director, actor, and composer, Chaplin retained complete control of his films, especially towards the end of his silent period when he made […]

LSJ Conference Tasting Menu

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Literature & Social Justice

Well, another week is wrapping up at Lehigh—one step closer to Spring Break, another to the end of term. As you plan for the weekend, (which includes some time for relaxation, right?) you might be looking for something completely different from your standard two-day routine. I know I am—seriously, there is only so much Netflix that I can handle on a given day without feeling that terrible mixture of self-loathing and pure time-wasting joy. Thankfully, […]

Going Public: The Primacy of Audience in Digital Public Humanities

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Literature & Social Justice

On March 4 and 5, the 2nd annual Literature and Social Justice Graduate Conference will bring together students from both within and outside of Lehigh, as well as Lehigh professors and professionals from the Lehigh Valley, to discuss the intersection of Literature, the Public Humanities, and Social Justice. Bringing a public humanities framework to the English department’s broader conversation about Literature and Social Justice is particularly exciting to me as a graduate student interested in how humanities […]