Literature & Social Justice Keynote

This year, thanks to generous support from the English Department, the Literature and Social Justice Graduate Conference will host its first external keynote speaker: Dr. Kavita Daiya.


Dr. Kavita Daiya is Associate Professor of English and Affiliated Faculty in the Women’s Studies Program and Global Women’s Institute at George Washington University.  In AY 2015-2016, she held the NEH endowed Chair in the Humanities at Albright College, focusing on Global Migration and Asia.  She was Mellon Regional Faculty Fellow at the Penn Humanities Forum at the University of Pennsylvania (2014-2015).  She serves as Associate Editor of the MLA-Allied Association journal “South Asian Review.” She has also been a Research Fellow at the Globalization Project at the University of Chicago.

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Drown Recap: Multimodal Workshop

On January 19th a crowd of instructors gathered for an informative workshop led by assistant professor Dr. Brooke Rollins and featuring presentations by Dr. Amardeep Singh and Dr. Nicole Batchelor. For those unable to attend the event, we here at Drown Unbound have got you covered. While the idea of teaching a multimodal assignment may have seemed daunting at first, a few tips from the workshop presenters put everyone at ease.pexels-photo-121734

The easiest way to think about the multimodal assignment is through the remediation model which asks students to recast an argument from an academic paper into another medium that appeals to a broader audience. The process requires students consider ways of making a public turn.

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Rally Recap: It’s not a Moment, It’s the Movement

Last Tuesday (January 31st) I had the privilege of attending a rally with my friends, colleagues, and students at Lehigh University. The purpose of the rally was to protest President Trump’s recent executive order banning immigration from specific nations and from my perspective, more importantly, to stand in solidarity with all immigrants in our community.16523111_10200814300979773_31524471_o

I had never attended a political rally before; my anxiety disorder makes it difficult for me to be in large crowds of strangers. But I figured there would not be a body-crushing number of people and since many of my colleagues/friends from the English Department were attending I decided to give it a try.

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Film Club Retrospective and Coming Attractions

Another semester begins and that means that reading groups and our own film club are starting up again. I wanted to take some time to reflect on what we did last semester as well as look forward to what we having coming this semester. So let’s go on a trip back and to the future! Get it? It’s a movie reference.

Back to the Future.jpg

First, the stats. We watched the following films last semester: Modern Times, Young Frankenstein, High and Low, The Innocents, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Pan’s Labyrinth. Four out of the six films are in black and white, only the last two are in (glorious) color. They’re also the only two movies made in my lifetime. This semester I want to correct that, because there are some amazing color films from the 50s and 60s that use color in really fun and fantastic ways. Jacques Demy, here we come. We’ve got three horror-tinged films, though none of them are truly scary. Just based on our current group population, I’d guess that might continue this semester. Finally, we’ve got three American films and 2 movies with foreign language dialogue. I think that’s probably about right for a club focused on the depth and breadth of cinema history.

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What’s Happening?: January/February 2017

Another semester is upon us and our calendars are filling up with classes and meetings but make sure to leave some room for the great events happening below!

On Friday, January 27 at 12 pm in UC 207, the Women’s Center is hosting a discussion and reflection on the Women’s Marches. Sure to be a valuable and insightful discussion!


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Drown Recap: Teaching Argument Workshop

The time has come. Classes have ended, seminar paper deadlines are past or quickly approaching and soon free-time will be discovered again. Since the submission of proposals we have waited, pushing ideas to the back of our minds, fighting the temptation to plan for English 002.


Excitement aside, the last workshop for the New English 002 had some great takeaways. For those who missed it, Drown Unbound was there to capture the events.

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Meet and Greet: Mareesa Miles

Last but not least for this semester, it is my great pleasure to introduce this new face in the department. She’s one of our wonderful new editors here at Drown Unbound, and we don’t know what we’d do without her! Without further ado, introducing Mareesa Miles!


Laura Fitzpatrick: Hello Mareesa! Tell us about yourself! Continue reading

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What’s Happening?: December 2016

The semester’s end is nearly upon us! Ah! If you’re looking for something to do during this trying and busy time to distract yourself from all this writing, we’ve collected the few remaining happenings in the month of December here for your perusal and consideration. It is important to leave your house/apartment every once in a while.

Jon Snow.gif

Jon Snow knows nothing about all the writing we’ll be doing in the coming weeks.

Friday, December 2

Decorating the Common Room


Time: 2pm-?

As some of you may know, we have a (now three-year?) tradition of decorating the Drown lounge for the holidays. Since Viv is very busy this time of year, Sarah Heidebrink-Bruno thought it would be nice if we helped out by putting up the tree and other decorations Friday the 2nd, starting at 2. We’ll also be listening to holiday music.
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Meet and Greet: Brian Reese

As the fall semester comes to a close we want to take a moment to introduce you to masters student Brian Reese.


Mareesa Miles: Hello Brian! Tell us about yourself!

Brian Reese: I am a first-year MA student and a teaching fellow. I have strayed down many paths in my life until now. I slaved in restaurant kitchens for many years, worked as a silkscreen printer, a house painter, research assistant and data librarian, actor, musician, taught writing online . . . the list goes on. I can recite a couple thousand lines of poetry from memory. I briefly took up knitting; I made a handsome scarf.

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Meet and Greet: Dr. Emily Weissbourd

I’m so excited to introduce another new face in our community. Without further ado, Dr. Emily Weissbourd.


Laura Fitzpatrick: What do you love about what you do?

Emily Weissbourd: Thinking about the long histories of ideologies of race and gender is really important to me, and I love that my work lets me do that in multiple arenas, whether in the classroom or at conferences or while poring over manuscripts. Continue reading

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